Message from Superintendent Dr. Lonnie Myers

Welcome to Mulberry/Pleasant View Bi-County School District

" Together…Developing Leaders One Student at a Time—Every Time!"

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2019-20 school year.

We attempt to live out our mission/vision statement (above) every day. As an innovative district, we are committed to providing an excellent learning opportunity for each child. As schools demand more of their graduates, more than any time in our history, we are reminded that it is the journey of learning and becoming that sets children up for success in this world. To look outside of themselves, to give back to community, and care about others are things that are not tested on any standardized test.

Our vision in the MPV School District is that every student develops as a leader at every opportunity (Every Student—Every Time). Our schools must inspire, allow innovation, create safe learning environments and provide strong academic opportunities to allow all students to become leaders in order for them to realize success and thrive in the 21st Century workplace.

For our district, this continues to be a time of creativity and sustainability. Mulberry/Pleasant View schools are dedicated to remain a place where all children are known, engaged, and well taken care of. This is evident in the hallways, in the competitive arenas as well as in the classrooms. To this end we are building a 500 seat MPV Auditorium in order to engage our community and school in the fine arts. We also intend to use this facility to incorporate our vision of developing leadership in each student at every opportunity. As we engage the students, we believe our school and community will gain new residents with this focus on the arts. This ability for us to know our students and provide opportunities for them must not be underestimated. This is our strength and our opportunity.

In addition, our schools are very interested in doing things differently for the benefit of children. We know that excellent schools are where kids and staff are engaged, having fun, failing and learning, as well as succeeding together. This sounds odd for educators to address failure. In 2018 we introduced our Robotics team as a way to work through the process of failing and learning. We affectionately refer to our team as the “StingerBots.”This process is on-going and is a great opportunity for our students. We won the Rookie of the Year Award last year in Arkansas which allowed our team to compete at the World Championships held in Houston, Texas. This opportunity was a new and exciting opportunity for our students!

Studies on innovative learning are clear: Innovators must be allowed to learn and fail. We believe a Robotics Program will support these studies.

Studies also show that what you do as parents of future innovators matters enormously. Harvard studies include interviews with parents of today's innovators which reveal fascinating patterns. They value having their children pursue a genuine passion above them getting straight A’s, and they talked about the importance of "giving back." As their children matured, they also encouraged them to take risks and learn from mistakes. There is much that all of us stand to learn from this research. Our high school students will be given credit for service learning this year. Our students will be seen at other schools and out in the community modeling servant leadership this school year. This is aligned to our Growth Mindset approach and attention to Grit and Perseverance that we see in MPV classrooms. We have a curriculum entitled HeartBridge which will be used throughout our district this year at all of our schools. The curriculum helps our students develop a positive mindset with the ability to overcome difficult circumstances which may come their way in life.

It is stated in these studies that most of our high schools and colleges are not preparing students to become innovators. MPV Schools tell a very different story. Our focus is on support, care and acceptance, as well as classrooms that are engaging student’s minds, bodies, and hearts. We believe to succeed in the 21st-century economy, students must learn to analyze and solve problems, collaborate, persevere, take calculated risks, and learn from failure. Our district community believes in a strong commitment to education, and that dedication is evident in the programs and opportunities available to our children. Our approach has proven successful as our schools have improved drastically over the last year as a result of working hard each day over a period of months and years. Our pay-off was the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school year…years in which each of our schools improved academically.

Our focus on the whole child means students are educated to become successful, productive citizens who are critical thinkers, and exhibit strong moral character. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her fullest potential.

We strongly believe that children learn best when educators develop meaningful partnerships with parents, encouraging and valuing input and feedback from home. We believe in working together for the benefit of our children and families.

As you peruse our website and view the school calendar, we hope you will find a great deal of helpful information about MPV programs, activities, and upcoming events. You may also contact us at 479-997-1715.