Welcome to Mulberry Pleasant View Bi-County Schools


Together…Developing Leaders One Student at a Time—Every Time!

We believe in:

  • Instilling the hope and confidence for students to succeed physically, socially and academically.
  • Acknowledging that all students have worth.
  • Partnering with home, school, and community for student success.
  • Energizing students to learn, encouraging students to excel, and empowering students to become independent thinkers.
  • Inspiring students to share in the responsibility for learning.
  • Encouraging students to have a voice in the educational process.
  • Providing a respectful, safe, nurturing, and orderly environment as an essential part of learning.
  • Practicing good citizenship among students and staff.
  • Promoting healthy habits in order to keep the body and mind in excellent condition for the purpose of life-long learning.