Mulberry/Pleasant View
Traditional Graduation Plan
 Mulberry High School Gymnasium
 Time: 7:00 p.m. July 16th
 Capacity: 1,213 x .66 = 800.58 (800 people)
 Graduates will be separated from the audience by 12 feet and will sit 6 feet
apart from each other.
 Seating will be arranged to maintain a 6 – foot distance between members of
the audience. The seating in the bleachers every other row will be marked
with tape separating seating by 6 feet. Seating in chairs on the gym floor will
be separated by 6 feet.
 Graduates will walk in the gym separated by 6 foot to “Pomp and
 Signs will be posted at the Gym Entrance:
 Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet between people,
 Face Coverings are required by all persons present, except for children
under 10 years of age (PPE),
 No Congregating in the parking lots, lobbies, restrooms before, during, or
after the Graduation Ceremony (PPE),
 Advising the public not to enter if they have fever, cough, shortness of
breath, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell.
 They have had known exposure to someone with Covid-19 in the past 14
 Advising the public that they may wish to refrain from entering if they are
65 years of age or older.
 They have underlying health conditions including high blood pressure,
chronic lung disease, diabetes, severe obesity, asthma, or weakened
 The podium and microphone will be sanitized between speakers.
 Hand sanitizer stations will be available at the entrance and exits.
 The facility, seating, and equipment will be wiped down and disinfected
before and after the graduation ceremony.
 Lines for graduates to receive their diploma will be marked maintaining a
distance of 6 feet between graduates.
 School Administrators will mitigate congregating by graduates and families.
 Photographs will be taken when the graduate receives his/her diploma.
 Speakers and Spectators seating will be arranged 6 feet apart.
 Ushers will seat household groups to be 6 feet apart from other household groups.
 Seating: Every other row will be left unoccupied to allow for 6 feet for physical
 Face coverings will be required by all persons present, except for children under
10 years of age, who are exempt.