Wall Corrections

Mulberry High School Graduates and Friends: 

We have been working on corrections for the wall of graduate names outside our new auditorium.  Most of the names were taken from the pictures that are currently on display in the high school  cafeteria. Please check for mistakes, omissions, etc., for your graduating class and any others for which  you might have correct information. Submit your corrections/additions/changes using the form below.  We would appreciate you including your personal information so that we may reach out to you if  necessary.  

Check our current information here - https://www.mpvschools.com/bro...

Correction Form - https://forms.gle/Mt1EpPiY47Xp...

Also, we are currently missing the following classes: 

  • 1937 
  • 1938 
  • 1940 
  • 1941 
  • 1942 
  • 1943 
  • 1944 
  • 1945 

If you have any information concerning these classes, or know someone we might contact to help us  with these names, please submit that information on the form as well. Share this post to others to assist  us with getting this project completed. Thank you!