Update from Dr. Myers Important Info

Information contained in the “All Call” from MPV Superintendent Dr. Lonnie Myers:

  • The District will deliver food to homes according to the student's bus route on Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, and Thursday the 19th at 10:30 a.m. from MHS.  The delivery will include lunch for that day and breakfast for the next morning on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, the delivery will be for lunch only that day. The bus will have a child nutrition employee and a bus driver to drive the route and deliver to the home.  It is important for someone to be looking for the bus at the household's expecting food.  The bus route will be the same route as the morning bus route.  Car riders are on the path of our bus routes.  If you would like to receive meals for your child, please be looking on the route driver on your particular route.  All meals are being prepared at MHS.  If you drop in at the high school before 10:30 a.m., the ladies will give you a bag of food for your child. It is hopeful that most can be delivered along the route.  Spring break begins Friday the 20th and continues through Friday 27th.  Deliveries will not be made during spring break.


2.    If the food bus happens to miss your home, call your school and give the address and we will attempt to deliver the next day.


3.    Report cards will be posted on HAC (home access).  They should be available by Thursday, March 19th.  If you have trouble accessing the HAC system, email our Technology Director: technology@mpvschools.com.   We will provide hard copy report cards after spring break.  If you try to access HAC on Thursday and can't do so, contact your school principal that day to discuss how to access the grades. 


4.    We are not having parent/teacher conferences Thursday evening as was scheduled.  Our teachers will be contacting you either by phone, text or email in order to discuss your student's progress.  You may also feel free to email our teachers but allow some time for a reply.


5. In the event we do not return to school on March 30, Marvin Primary has AMI packets for 5 more days after spring break.  Pleasant View and Mulberry High School will provide information for on-line learning.  For those at Pleasant View and Mulberry High School that have absolutely no way to access work online, hard copies will be made available should they be needed.


MPV Schools are committed to doing whatever it takes to see our students through this time.


Dr. Myers