Update from Dr. Myers  Important Info

March 31, 2020

 Dear Parents, Guardians, and family members:

 I am so thankful for all of you.  You all have been amazing and so patient with our district as we build a new way to deliver education to our kids.  Our goal is to provide for our students academically, but just as importantly, socially and emotionally as well.  To that end, we will have someone at each school office 8:30-2:30.  Please call your principal if you have questions.  Please also email your teachers between 8:00-3:30.  If you are unable to reach anyone with your questions, please call me at 997-1715.

 Food services will be continued.  We may have to modify our delivery system at some point, but we will give everyone advance warning if that should happen.  I will keep you informed of changes or new information via Thrillshare messaging or phone calls, as well as MPV Facebook postings.  Please check daily for updates as information comes in daily which affects our operation.

 We will have someone at each school every Thursday from 1 p.m. till 6:00 p.m. to collect completed AMI packets and to also distribute any physical work or AMI packets for the next week. We will begin that process this Thursday, April 2nd.  All packets (assignments) will be collected for AMI days 3-9 and be distributed for April 6-10. We will continue this process until we are through this COVID-19 problem.  This will be a good time for you to share with your principal or the person present ideas of how we can support our families.  PK-4 will mostly be doing AMI Packets as you have been seeing.  Pleasant View Campus will be trying to do as much as work possible through Google Classroom and other on-line opportunities.  Mulberry High School will also be using Google Classroom, Zoom sessions and other technology possibly.  Our principals have a list of students to contact concerning technology.  If you find yourself without internet access, our principals will make a plan for these students.  The key always comes back to communicating with your principal or teacher. All students, parents and guardians should keep up their school Facebook Page as well as the MPV District Facebook page and MPV web-site.

 This will be a system which will have to be refined.  If you are missed, please call your principal.  Remember the routine…deliver and pick up packets at school on Thursdays, 1:00p.m-6:00p.m. (for those getting AMI packets) and contact your principal if you are unable to come on Thursday. 

 We encourage our kids to stay on a schedule of both physical movement and academic work each day.  Have some fun with music and art.  Contact your physical education teachers, art teacher or music teacher for ideas concerning the arts.  They are there to support you.  Kids can also find many ways to be creative!  Have some fun!

We know this isn’t easy for families.  We think about you and pray for you daily.  We understand that you can’t spend your entire day with education.  If our students can be engage 3-4 hours a day with breaks and fun activities to round out the day, we would celebrate those successes with you!  Send us photos to put on our MPV Facebook Page!  We miss our kids so much.  It is their smiles which keep me motivated to keep at the work each day.  Remember our mission/vision:  “Together…Developing Leaders One Student at a Time—Every Time!”



 Dr. Myers

Lonnie Myers, Ed.D. | Superintendent | 479-997-1715 | Fax:  479-997-1897

Anthony Hood, Principal | Pleasant View Campus | 479-997-8469

Toni Hopkins, Principal | Marvin Primary |   479-997-1495

Brad Williams, Principal | Mulberry High School | 479-997-1701