Update from Dr. Myers

April 7, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

I continue to be amazed at the resilience of our students, parents, grandparents, guardians and school employees.  Everyone has stepped up to support our students and I appreciate each and every one of you who is giving all you have to not only persevere but to flourish and grow during this adversity.  You have probably heard that the Governor has made the decision that we will not have any more on site instruction for the remainder of the year.  This means will continue our system in place now with refinements, particularly in the area of attempting to deliver more instruction with technology.  We will always support those that don’t have technology with paper copies of materials. 

We ask you to still communicate with your principal and your teacher, students and parents.  We have reached almost every student; yet there are very few we have not heard from or been able to reach.  We care about you and really want to know that you are doing well.  We want to help or assist if there is a need. 

We will once again have someone at every school this Thursday, April 9th.  We will collect completed AMI packets and distribute new work for the next week.  Please let someone at the respective school know if we need to resolve any issues for the student’s learning opportunities.  Moving forward, we will be growing in our ability to work with students through on-line resources; thus please share with your principals and teachers the limitations you are facing. Please continue to keep up with us on the District Facebook Page and by contacting your principal or teacher.  It is extremely important to contact your principal if you have not received any work. 

The MPV School District will observe Friday, April 10th and Monday April 13th as school holidays.  These two dates were in our school calendar and will be observed.  Principals will still be available through email but will not be on site those two days, April 10th and April 13th.  Food deliveries will be made Thursday, the 9th to cover Friday April 10th and Monday April 13th.  Food Deliveries will continue on Tuesday, the 14th , but will begin delivery two days a week.  Remember:  Next week food will be delivered on Tuesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 16th.  The Sack Lunches will contain directions on proper sack lunch food storage for items not consumed immediately. 

Please do not forget to be engaged in physical activity as well as activities with art, music and especially extending reading times.  If students will stay immersed in reading materials, it could be the single most important activity to stay focused on learning.  Let’s continue to encourage our kids to be creative in their play and their work moving forward.  I say students involved in gardening on our Facebook Page.  It was thrilling to see young children involved in a life-long skill development activity.  Kids are learning math (measuring, counting, etc), science/agriculture, and probably vocabulary if they are reading the seed packets.  Physical exercise and creativity are also happening simultaneously. 

We still understand how difficult this is with our parents and guardians.  You are providing for your family and now you have to keep the children on task with learning at home.  We love you and we support you!  We miss our kids so much.  Remenber: “Together…Developing Leaders One Student at a Time—Every Time!”



Dr. Myers


 Lonnie Myers, Ed.D. | Superintendent | 479-997-1715 | Fax:  479-997-1897

Anthony Hood, Principal | Pleasant View Campus | 479-997-8469

Toni Hopkins, Principal | Marvin Primary |   479-997-1495

Brad Williams, Principal | Mulberry High School | 479-997-1701