Mulberry Pleasant View EAST Initiative

Mulberry high school received an EAST Initiative grant over the summer valued at $250,000. Adviser, Lacey Hunter chose 5 students to help with the initial installation of the EAST industrial equipment. The students involved in the install were Gavin Smith, Alyssa Smith, Caleb Sluder, Hunter King, and Gavin Parks. They installed 3D printers, large plotter, Apple computers with software, HP Computers with various software, new I-pads, professional video and photography equipment, mapping equipment, and oculus rift (gaming creation software). Through this program students are capable of supporting their community through making advertisements, designing project plans, apps, brochures, logos, websites, videos, and much more. The students and staff members are all excited about the new equipment that has arrived. EAST Night out where any person, business or community partner is welcome to attend to see what we can do to help them will be held on Tuesday, October 18 5pm – 7pm at the Mulberry High School Campus. If you would like Mulberry EAST to help your business or organizations please call 479-997-1224.

In the photo are Hunter King and Gavin Smith assembling the plotter stand for the plotter printer in our new East Initiative room.